Confidence…a key to success

My new job started a little over a week ago. The onboarding process is exhausting, to say the least. I have been in all day trainings for 4 of the last 6 days. My head has been spinning, but in an amazing way. Starting something new can be so scary. I was worried about whether or not I would know what I was doing. Will I know what to say when a client asks me a questions? Will I know the right resources?

The longer I was in training, the more I realized how much I was going to really like my new position. And, I realized, the approach they take with clients, well, I am very comfortable with it. It’s the approach I have always taken with clients. Turns out, I don’t need someone to teach me how to treat people with dignity. I do that already.

After two days of training, I finally was able to go to my office and get my desk. Can I just say…I love my new office! It is so cozy and spacious. I have an office to myself, yet, people walk by all day long, so I never feel alone. I am surrounded by people.

When I first started, at my previous job, I can remember how nervous I was to even say hello to a client. I was completely intimidated. What if I don’t know the answer to one of their questions? What if I tell someone the wrong thing? And worse, what if someone gets angry with me and yells at me (I hate confrontation)? And…all those things did happen at some point. But I learned that it’s okay. If I can own up to my mistakes, if I can remain calm under pressure, everything will be okay and I will be successful.

So, moving on to my new job. I have been able to carry my entire toolbelt of learning with me. And yesterday, when I was told I was going to be answering the calls for clients seeking services, I never hesitated. I knew I wouldn’t know the answer to everything. I also knew I would give people answers they didn’t necessarily want to hear. But I also knew that I had the tools that made me feel comfortable asking if I could call someone back because I needed to find the answer for them. I also knew that I have learned to have the patience for someone who may be angry with my response. I can remain calm with them and validate their feelings without taking it personally. And, I knew if someone called speaking a different language, I would not panic. I would know exactly how to take the call.

So, how was it? Most calls, I was able to answer with confidence and the ones I didn’t were grateful that rather than giving them the wrong answer, I took the time to get the right one and get back with them. If anyone was upset with my answers, they never yelled and all was calm. Now, working in the mental health field, I am certain that it will not always be calm. But I have realized that if I can go into the day confident with what I know and confident that I can find the answers for what I don’t, the people around me will feel confident as well.

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